Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A bit of a boast

I know pride comes before a fall and all that, but I'm afraid I'm going to tell all because it's truly unbelievable and might be my one and only ever chance for this to happen.

Tonight was my women's league bowls night, the ultra competitive one I told you about last week. Each week four of us out of five play. Well this week in my team were two Scottish players - the person who plays skip and the one who plays third. Our Club President, who last week played our lead, wasn't there, so we had Chris, who's been playing for years as our lead, and then there's little old me (who only started indoor bowls last year) who plays second, which is traditionally the place for the weakest player.

Well this week was a completely different story to the last one. I... as in me... played the best in our team! Our skip was rubbish and the others weren't much better, and we were lucky to come out with a draw at 13 all. And every end we won, at least one of my bowls was in the mix.

Ok, boast over. I'm playing next week where I'm sure normal play will resume.


  1. Well done! Acknowledging your successes is equally important. Have you got it on video for those days you could do with a boost?

  2. Sadly not, Lizzie, it's just a memory now and depending how I play this week it might well be a long gone one!