Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A change of plan

I was looking at Nicola Morgan's recent post, which is all about making the most out of your blog. Of course she's talking about writerly people and people who want to be in the public eye.

I posted a few weeks back about whether my blog should continue (or not) in its current form and I decided to keep going at least for a while. In some ways this blog is to let my friends know what's happening in my world (not much) and to keep me writing (ok there's writing and writing and this comes under the former). I'm not famous or infamous (as far as I know), so followers are people I know and it feels quite friendly and uncritical.

However, I made the decision to play with the colour choices. Of course if someone had told me I'd never be able to put it back how it was, I'm not at all sure I'd have done what I did. Since I started this blog Blogger have changed their backgrounds/foregrounds/and any other ground they could find. I used to like that mine was a bit on the plain side, but that style is now long gone.

I played. I changed it. I went jazzy and zizzy and hated it. I tried to change it back, but couldn't. I tried plain, pink, blue, green and any other colour I could find, but I didn't like them. However, of course, being a coffee lover, I decided the obvious choice was coffee.

And so, good people, my blog has changed it's look. Let me know your thoughts... but keep it polite please!


  1. I like it, better than the blue one which was a bit cold, and much better than the one with a bit of leaf sticking out either side. So well done and keep up the blogging!

  2. I love the colour Vee. Very classy.

    I hope you do keep up the blogging; I'd miss it if you didn't.

    PS Thanks for the link to Nicola Morgan's post, although I'm never sure whether I want the 'public' to read my blog or not. (But then I am offended when they don't!)

  3. After the amount of time I took on this - and you'd be shocked if I told you - I'm pleased with what you've both said!

    Karen - I know exactly what you mean. I only occasionally veer into the world of 'total public' with my blog by announcing it on Facebook and I admire others who do so all the time. But when I think about it, their blogs are quite 'literary' and that's just not me. However, I love when people comment on what I've written... can't have my cake etc!