Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hormones hit

For any of you who haven't been through the menopause look away now...

It doesn't really end in the sense that you never get any symptoms that don't revisit from time to time. Well you were warned!

Yesterday I had one of those days when I was extremely hormonal. Not only did I have the house heating problem to contend with (see yesterday's post), which saw me starting the day on an extremely cold note, the moment the heating went on I had several hot flushes and... shock, horror, amazement... I fancied some chocolate. Now for me that is extreme indeed. My OU friend Larraine had sent me a book I needed last week and in the box were some small chocolate eggs. And so yesterday morning I ate 2 and immediately felt sick (stop laughing Mountain Man), but at least that's probably my chocolate consumption taken care of for the year so not all's lost. I also felt quite low and didn't feel like doing a whole lot of anything, which was exacerbated by the absolute crap that seems to be on the telly on a Saturday night.

I ended up with good book and a glass or two of a rather nice South African Fairtrade Pinotage, the latter didn't help my hot flushes, but it certainly made me feel better.


  1. And here I was hoping that at some point in my future life I would be free of the flushes...damn, another dream dashed. x

  2. Ah yes, but the fun with flushes is that you never know... you might be free of them, but you might not. I now get them very occasionally as in I can go a year or longer without one at all. But I think the thing is you can't say absolutely never. The thing I find worse than flushes, and I get them far more often, are itchy legs and here I am 9 years on and I still get them quite a bit. The joys!