Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Our very first

4 years ago today Mountain Man and I got married. That was after 17 years together, which makes it 21 years since we first became an item. This morning the conversation went like this:

(as I hand MM a present wrapped in a brown paper bag)
MM: I didn't think we were doing presents?
Me:   Well it's our anniversary, not Valentine's Day. And we only get one every 4 years.
MM: Oh. Well I didn't think we were giving them... sorry.

Ever the romantics we are! We've always said we wouldn't bother with Valentine's Day and I'm not sure how this translates to our anniversary too, but obviously somewhere in the annals of MM's brain it does. Actually I'm not complaining because the first anniversary is traditionally paper, so my present to him was neither romantic nor exciting, merely practical.

One thing I do have to say is that his card to me was a whole lot more romantic than mine to him. I couldn't find anything but sloppy ones and they're just not me, so I gave him a 'congratulations' one instead... seemed appropriate! Then MM announced that he'd left the exact same card on my desk yesterday after I'd found out I was having a poem published. I didn't see it, which says that not only am I not romantic, I'm also not very observant and my desk is a guddle!

We're off to the bright lights of Edinburgh tonight for a dinner at David Bann's, one of our favourite vegetarian restaurants, and we'll celebrate in style then.

I wonder if MM will remember our next one, and if so that we are giving presents? I shall just have to wait another 4 years to find out, by which time we'll have been upgraded to cotton... so I'm not holding out much hope in the pressie stakes!

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  1. Of course, happy anniversary to you both! David Bann's is lovely, food and atmosphere. Glad you both enjoyed it. Been off line pretty much since Friday and the days have passed me by.