Saturday, 22 May 2010

Unbelievable things

Last week before I headed for my working week in London, I took a photo of our beech hedge. Today, when I got home, the change was unbelievable. I love the way one day it looks like it's dead and within a short space of time the whole thing is green and verdant. Isn't nature wonderful?

This is in total contrast to the abomination that arrived at the door of my Sleepless carriage at 6.15 this morning as we were stopped at Carstairs to wait the appropriate amount of time so that fare paying customers knew they'd got their moneys worth on their train journey. First of all I was a bit taken aback at putting up my blind to find we were outside the State Hospital, but the 'breakfast' that came to me via a very chirpy rail worker took me aback even further.

I have since emailed Scotrail Customer Relations to challenge them to eat the vegetarian breakfast. It was supposed to be a muffin with vege sausage, egg, mushroom and a bit of mayo. However, apart from the consistency of worn tyres that have seen too much action round a Formula 1 track, the taste was truly extraordinary... and that's not the good extraordinary either. One bite was enough to convince me that unless I wanted to be seriously ill I should go no further. That on top of another sleepless night (no, the good start at Euston sadly did not bode well) has decided me that that will probably be the very last time I ever take a Sleeper. The Orient Express is definitely off the cards.

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