Friday, 7 May 2010

Small is good?

Having nurtured my plants, I'm now off for the weekend to nurture my mind at Samye Ling on the banks of the River Esk in the Scottish Borders. The last weekend of a 6 month course. I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and also spending a bit of quiet time.

I think underneath it all I have what I call 'bedsit mentality', which is that I actually love being in a small room that contains all I need. Ok, for those who know will, I think, be screaming at me something along the lines of "yeh, that'll be right!" right now. They know that I live in quite a large house, and each room is packed to the brim with all kinds of things that I've never been able to throw away just in case they might come in useful some day.

But there is something rather lovely about simplicity, even if it is only for a weekend. And hey I'm allowed to fool myself for a short while, and then feel really good coming back to my house full of junk and feel good about that too!

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