Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The sleepless

Here I am, well past midnight, on the sleeper, heading for London for a few days of work.

Usually this trip takes approx 3.5 hours, but, hey we're such lucky folk and my beloved won 2 free 1st class tickets on the sleeper. So now I find myself wide awake at a time when I'd usually be asleep on a journey that is due to take twice as long as normal because we seem to be going via Carlisle just to make sure of those extra hours, and I have to say, probably the last thing I'll do is manage much sleep. Still the steward, called John, who was serving the wine and sundries was very jolly, as was his pal Del. And it just so happens that the interconnecting berths that my beloved so carefully booked, are indeed interconnected, but just not to each other. But it all adds to the intrigue of the journey.

Sadly I still have no idea why these things are called sleepers, as sleeping is the very last thing I've ever been able to do on one. Thank goodness for my iPhone so I can catch up with emails, play a game or two or even watch something on BBC iplayer.

Makes 5 days in London with my family almost sound like a treat!!

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  1. So did you find out who was on the other side of your interconnecting berths??? Very intriguing indeed! I'm pleased to hear that your iPod is proving so useful. Am trying to delay getting mine until the new OS4 version comes out in June, but I might not be able to hold out that long. xx