Sunday, 16 May 2010

Just for the record

Today I got 4 seven letter words in one scrabble game.... and I'm hoping I haven't lost a friend at the same time. It took me a while to persuade She Who Must Not Be Named to play with me and I'm concerned that she may not want to play again.

Meanwhile I've been out in the woods again today and the sighting of quite a few more peacock butterflies made it a wonderful experience.

Not quite so wonderful is that the poor, delicate coffee plant, that was so brutally pruned down to one tiny leaf in the vain hope that it might encourage some growth, has shown no signs of further life. I will leave it to see what happens and won't be premature in declaring it a non-plant, but it doesn't look good.

And finally... how much money do you all spend on bird life? I seem to spend an extraordinary amount. My friend Jenny gave us a perspex bird feeder that attaches to our kitchen window and it's quite fab to watch the bird life come and go. But today, when I went to buy a new sack of feed for them, and opted for the less messy variety with no husks - to save our kitchen window ledge from the husk mountain I need to clear - at the grand price of £21.99, I began to think I was a bit on the mad side. I also have two hanging feeders and a suet ball holder that all seem to need continuous filling too. Yup... definitely mad!


  1. The feathered freeloaders cost us a fortune, but some of the photos I've got make it worth the money. Then there's cat food and Nutella for the pine marten – it's as well that SWMNBN is always on a diet...

  2. pleased to hear I'm not the only one who's completely nuts! I know what I'm hoping I come back as in my next life....