Wednesday, 12 May 2010


When I got home from work yesterday there was a package from my friend Tracy, who is currently travelling in Nepal. She sent us a 'care' package from India, but it had taken a while to get here. It contained blessing cords for my beloved and me from The Karmapa, and HH The Dalai Lama, together with a couple of cd's of The Dalai Lama's talks, and some incense from Tashi Jong monastery. In the pack was also a blessing cord for Nell, who now proudly wears her orange cord hanging from her collar. Beloved and I felt very lucky.

So when I turned on my computer today and there was a message from She Who Must Not Be Named to inform me (and the world) that she had got a 7 letter word on her first turn, which garnered her the fantastic score of 82, I felt in great need of luck. I took a long look at my letters which initially didn't turn up much, but then the word 'deicides' - using the second 'e' that She Who Must Not Be Named had placed - became clear for me. This gave me a score of 74. Being only 8 behind gives me a fighting chance. So for a second day running I felt very lucky.

Can I be lucky 3 days in a row? Wait until tomorrow and I'll let you all know.


  1. She Who Must Not Be Named has just said a very bad word...

  2. I'm back to my usual complement of **** letters, so your luck looks like it's holding!