Saturday, 29 May 2010

Another disaster

This one, you'll be pleased to hear, is not of the foliage variety.

I use a mouth guard at night to stop me from grinding my teeth as I sleep. Last night as I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I flushed the loo and as the water was going down the pan I was getting my mouth guard out of it's plastic box, when the box literally jumped out of my hand and headed down the loo. I have never seen anything disappear quite so fast down a toilet and before I knew it, it was gone! I am now waiting for the drains to be blocked.

I will have to have a rather embarrassing conversation with my dentist, the delightful Chris, as to why I need a new one, and who I know will add this to the ever growing list of what he calls 'eccentric stories'. And I also know he will repeat it to me until he gets me to laugh as I sit in his chair awaiting the torture of my next check-up.

However, I'm now wondering whether I should contact BP and offer own my unique take on how to block the rather enormous hole that is gushing oil out into the Gulf of Mexico. I mean they've resorted to using all kinds of other rubbish in their efforts.

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