Friday, 21 May 2010

Reliving the past

I'm now waiting for the Sleepless in the First Class lounge at Euston, which I can highly recommend. Free coffee, tea and soft drinks, and a fully stocked bar. So much better than the one in Edinburgh, which had a few seats and a tv and that was pretty much it. Maybe this bodes well for the journey home. I'm travelling alone, as my beloved headed back a couple of days ago to let me get on with the work that needed to be done and to get on with his, so it'll be straight to my bed once I'm on the train, and hopefully, just hopefully I might get some sleep.

Bizarrely I met up with some radiographers from Inverness who I worked with back in 2006. It was lovely to catch up, but the First Class lounge at Euston was the very last place I would've expected to see them.

Last night I was supposed to meet up with a friend, but she couldn't make it, so instead of sitting about I decided to take myself off and see what was on in the West End.

I ended up going to see Hair, which was fun and energetic. But it was rather weird to be sitting in a theatre full of older middle aged folk clapping their hands and tapping their feet and singing along - that is of course until I realised I was one of them. I had an interesting conversation with the Americans sitting next to me, who like me had seen the original. We agreed it wasn't quite the same, but nevertheless enjoyable. However I couldn't help but think in another 20 odd years all those good looking, svelte young people, who had no qualms in stripping and showing off their buff bodies will sadly end up looking like the majority of the audience.

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