Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The end

Vespa and my last hours together were filled with tears and laughter. He, of course, was just himself and thank goodness for that.

When the Puppy Supervisor came to get him he was thrilled to see her. We chatted for a while, but she needed to get going, so, after giving her all the paperwork I needed to, she took him off to her car where her own Guide Dog puppy, Micky (who's a month older than Vespa) was waiting. Vespa thought it was Christmas all over again and didn't look back. A pal to play with, what could be better? In a lot of ways I was really pleased, just like when my boys went to school on the first day and just got on with it. Of course, that didn't mean that then, or now, I wasn't in bits, but that's just how it is. A mixture of happiness at 'that's how it should be' and then loads of tears.

The PS couldn't actually fit his food in her car so we agreed I'd take it to the local charity, Borders Pet Rescue, and give it to them. So once Vespa had gone and I'd got over crying, I took the food over there, which is just a village away.

They were thrilled at getting the food and the manager, Simon (or for reasons of how he introduced himself will forever be known as Sorry, Simon or SS for short) started asking me if I'd be interested in going along and doing some dog training with them. The answer to which was yes, but only as long as I didn't have to commit to any specific times. So it looks like I might have a new role in the offing as well as my boarding for Guide Dogs, so my dog time is not over.

The rest of my day was spent in doing nothing but grieving at my loss. It's been a day steeped in sorrow and lovely memories and even more lovely pics of my boy.

So that's it folks. The end of the Vespa chapter... well until I hear from Guide Dogs as to how he's getting on, of course. I'll let you know.

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