Friday, 22 January 2016

More birthday fun

Yesterday I had yet another birthday celebration, this time courtesy of my lovely sons.

However, before all that I had a test drive in a Tesla, which is an all electric car. It goes from 0-60 in blip seconds and was pretty amazing. The only thing I wasn't so keen on was when the sales guy put the car on to auto drive - yes, that actually means it drives itself! It was far too freaky for me, so that lasted about 20 seconds before he switched it back into me driving.

I love test driving cars. When I was in my teens (we're talking late 60's early 70's here) my friends and I used to go and test drive Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Mercs and the like. It was really fun and because the sales people didn't know whether we were up and coming artists/musicians (we were at art school at the time) or just wastrels, they let us drive just in case. That's where I got a taste for test driving and it's remained with me ever since.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my drive, but after that it was onto the main event. My boys had arranged for us to go to a Safe Room experience at Can You Escape on the Royal Mile.

We had 1 hour to do all kinds of tests and get ourselves out. It was bit like The Crystal Maze if you can remember that. We actually managed to do it in 52 minutes and 33 secs! When we got out the manager said that only 1 in 5 teams actually manage to do it in the hour, so we felt very proud even though we didn't quite make the top ten times. However, if it had been me on my own I think I'd still be there by my next birthday! Both sons were fab, while I stood around wondering 'What the heck' most of the time, but I did have a few incredible moments when I solved a few things the boys couldn't. It was really fun.

Then it was out to dinner at Twenty Princes Street, which was fab. Really delicious food and great company, who could ask for more? And then it was back to No. 2 Son's for more wine and then No. 1 Son's girlfriend joined us. It was a really lovely, lovely end to a great day.

However, the boys also gave me a present. Ages ago I'd spotted a place in Edinburgh that did casts and I quite fancied a cast of the three of our hands entwined. But the problem was, when the boys looked into it, it was just too expensive, so I'd let that go and was super happy with what they'd planned. But then they surprised me by having done casts themselves and painted them in gold. They're a bit 'rustic' but all the better for it and apart from looking a touch spooky, I'm absolutely thrilled with my gift.

Golden hands!

Today I woke up early and had to shoot off to my very first Qiqong class at Stobo Castle. I was told there would be one person there, as they'd booked already. Ok I thought, well one is better than none. Thirteen people turned up! I was so shocked, but the class went really well and they all said how much they enjoyed it. Of course they were guests who wouldn't be there for next week's class, so who knows what next week will bring, but I have to say I was delighted.

I was also exhausted by the time I got home and only had the energy to do some work on a new writing course I've decided to join, but the headache is that you have to be a computer whizz to access the resources. It took me ages and ages, but at least I managed it.

And then it was time for me to turn my hand to my penny whistle lessons. I took it up before Odi came, but neither she nor Vespa liked me playing (no comments thank you), so the whistle has lain in a drawer. But since Vespa went I've started again and found this great site The Online Academy of Irish Music where you can sign up for free lessons in all kinds of instruments. Progress is slow, but steady, but more than that I'm enjoying the challenge.

So that's me for this week. A great birthday is still going on. I have until February 11th to fully enjoy the rest of it and don't have a whole lot planned, but given what's been going on for me this year, I'm sure the Universe will find something to give me a few more surprises!

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