Sunday, 17 January 2016

Thanks to the House Gods

Just before Xmas I wrote about how I'd lost my watch. I knew it was somewhere in the house and my last memory was of trying to get ready to go to London and taking it off, putting it down somewhere in my bedroom and then not being able to find it again.

I do have another watch and I used that for a couple of days, but in the end decided to go without. The lost watch was one of the first presents my first husband gave me and it's been with me for 36 years and we've seen a lot of action together, so really it was for sentimental reasons that I was missing it as I have to say it kept the worst time and I was forever having to check on what the real time was. But then I was used to it. Somehow the other watch that keeps really good time didn't quite do it for me.

Well yesterday while I was getting ready to do some exercise before going out to my neighbours for a drink - well come on, I've got to try to have some kind of balance! - I was in my study (also known as my gym) and glanced at the corner of my desk and there was my watch. I still don't know how it migrated from upstairs to downstairs and I would have sworn on anything that I'd taken it off upstairs, but anyway, there it was! I was quite overcome and I have to say it was lovely to get it back. So I did a quick thank you to the House Gods for deciding it was time for it to return to me.

The House Gods have also been being kind to my coffee plants and they seem to be doing quite well at the moment, so I thought I'd delight you with a pic.

Doing well

Last night at my neighbours was a blast. We had the best time, with hours of laughing and getting through 2 bottles of wine. Luckily it was only next door as when I left their house at almost 11 o'clock I was feeling pretty happy as I weaved my way all of approximately 15 feet from their door to mine.

So with a quick gratitude prayer to those House Gods I rather unsteadily made my way upstairs and managed to get undressed without mishap and fall into bed and straight to sleep.

Yesterday was certainly another good day for me.

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