Saturday, 9 January 2016

Ageing by the day

Since Vespa left I've been getting on with things. Starting with de-hairing the house, which will take forever, but at least I made a start and then turning my hand to clearing out my closet. I've now got 3 large bags of clothes to take to the Charity shop and I'm not finished yet.

It's been useful to have a lot to do as, not just because of missing having a dog here, but also because we've had snow and it's far better for me to be indoors and occupied than being out there in all that freezing cold. Yesterday there was a good inch fell in half an hour, but luckily it didn't throw too much more into the mix. My garden looks lovely, which is more than can be said for the road outside the front door, where it's grey, icy and slushy.

Looking lovely out back

I'm due to go off to Stobo Castle tomorrow for my birthday treat and I'm keeping everything crossed that I'll be able to get there. What with snow on top of flooding, it's not the best. And we're due more snow this afternoon. But hey, tomorrow the temperature is supposed to soar to a massive +3 degrees and I'm not leaving until midday, which leaves lots of time for the gritters to be out and about so I'm hopeful.

So that's me. By the next time I post I'll be 64 years old! Can't believe I made it to 64! Well of course I haven't yet. That doesn't happen til Monday. But still... I can't believe I made it to 63 and 362 days!

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