Saturday, 16 January 2016

The year starts well

I went for my haircut to Perth on Thursday instead of the weekend. I couldn't wait any longer without the feeling I'd totally back out. And I love it! So pleased I decided to get it done. As I was passing Kinross on the way back, I called in on two of my favourite people, Sarah and JT and a very lovely few hours was spent catching up with them.

I also got the call from Stobo and we've now put a month's worth of dates in the diary for me go over and teach Qiqong. I'm quite excited about it, but only hope some people turn up to the class otherwise it'll be curtains for that little enterprise.

It seems like some very odd stuff has been happening for me lately, all of it good, I'm pleased to say, but odd nevertheless. Meeting with people, being offered work and there's some other things in the pipeline that I don't want to jinx by talking about it, but hopefully will pan out positively.

I don't know about you, but with so much serendipitous experiences about just now, this year already feels a whole lot lighter than the last couple. Of course I know it'll have it's down moments too, but so far so good and because I heard that Vespa's settled I've been able to let go of my sadness at our parting and I think that's really helped. I do miss not having a dog around, but it's also afforded me the time to zip off to places without having to think about puppy feed times, walks etc. For instance I didn't get back from my jaunt to Perth until almost 9.30pm and I'd never have been able to do that with a puppy here and on Friday I went to have lunch with my ex-colleague, Neil, and we were able to sit about chatting for ages rather than my worrying as to whether the puppy needed out for a pee.

This coming week I've got some good stuff happening too. My lovely boys are taking me to a Safe Room experience as a birthday treat, where apparently you get locked in a room and have to solve puzzles to get out... a bit like The Crystal Maze for those who remember that old programme... and from there they're taking me to a swanky restaurant for dinner. That's all happening on Thursday. Monday I'm out with my friend Shirley in Edinburgh, which will soften the blow of having had to pay a visit to the dentist first, so another thing to look forward to. And Wednesday, for the first time in as long as I can remember I'll be playing badminton for a whole 2 hours rather than the one hour I've become used to because of having to get home for Vespa. And then on Friday I start my first class at Stobo.

I'm just wondering what other serendipitous experiences might be round the corner, but before all that I've been invited round to my neighbours for drinks tonight. It was supposed to happen at Christmas, but I just don't know where the time went, so tonight it is. Luckily I'm doing nothing tomorrow except recover I think, as my neighbours like a drink or two. Should be fun!

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