Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Universal plan?

It seems the Universe is still up for having a bit of fun with me at the moment.

Yesterday morning I turned on my computer to find I had an email with a revelation about a friend of mine. I'd suspected things and it was great to know that my intuition had been right, but it was a bit of a surprise to receive it. I don't want to go into details, but suffice it to say it started my day on a bit of a strange, yet in a lot of ways, uplifting note. 

Then I went into Edinburgh to have a birthday lunch with my friend, Shirley, but before that I had to go to the dentist because a filling that Chris the dentist redid for me about 6 months ago and had been playing up ever since it was done, needed checking. Chris had already had 2 goes at with the drill, but it was still causing me grief and I thought he'd just give it a quick go with the drill again. After all, my appointment was only booked for 10 minutes. A quick look and he decided to redo the whole thing, which was something that hadn't been on my agenda.

40 minutes later and with the whole side of my face numb, I met Shirley at Harvey Nicks restaurant. It was lovely to catch up with her and apart from having to drink with a straw - I didn't want any embarrassing dribbles - and having to take a couple of painkillers, as the effects of the injection Chris gave me was wearing off, we had a great time. She gave me a lovely pair of earrings and a great little jewellery travelling case as a pressie. Lucky me.

From there I did a bit of shopping and then came home and just as I was settling myself for an evening of practising my tin whistle - which I've started again since Vespa's gone, as he went ape-shit every time I played (no comments thank you!) - the phone went. It was my ex-ex-husband, the father of my lovely boys, who phoned for a chat. Now we usually talk for a couple of minutes at Xmas when the boys phone him, but that's really been it for more years than I care to mention, so it was a bit of a surprise to still be chatting to him 20 minutes plus later. He insisted I phoned his best friend in London to chat to him and he's someone I haven't spoken to in around 25 years, but Andrew (the ex-ex) wanted me to sort something for his friend's daughter. So I phoned and talked with him and his wife.

How strange is that? To be talking to people I never thought I'd ever speak to again. And they've invited me for dinner when I'm in London and have time. Stranger still.

So all in all yesterday was one of those days that when I looked back at it was so full of strangeness that I decided not to think about it at all. However, I'm lying low today, just in case more stuff comes out of the woodwork to haunt me. Oh yes, and I'm pleased to report the tooth is now doing well.

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