Friday, 31 January 2014

I was wrong

My birthday celebrations didn't end last weekend. My lovely friend Shirley took me to lunch yesterday at Harvey Nicks in Edinburgh and also gave me some great socks and gloves. I know it's ridiculous at 62 to like having birthdays, but I do. I'm not into big celebrations, but love spending time with friends and family and having genuine 'one on one' time.

So, here we are at the end of January. It's absolutely flown by, which is a little scary to say the least. I've done not much writing and my house is a tip, so that's put paid to my New Year's resolutions, but as today is Chinese New Year (the year of The Wood Horse) I suppose I can always try again, though I'm not convinced the predictions for me for this year sound all that inspiring, but I'm sure I can set a few milestones and see what happens:

Year of The Rabbit
Chasing your dreams can seem like hard work when what you are seeking is far, far away. Worthy goals are rarely achieved overnight, yet you can gain a sense of achievement by setting some milestones which you can race past at regular intervals. When an obstruction appears on your path, there is no need to feel defeated, you know you can often find a way to go around it.

If you want to read about yours you can do so at this link.

新年好 everyone!

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