Sunday, 2 February 2014

Growing up

Odi is now 20 weeks and weighs in a staggering 16 kg! That means she's pretty much 4 times the dog she was when she arrived a mere 12 weeks ago - she was 4.4 kg on arrival.

However, she's not all that grown up. She's still very puppy-like, very affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle when she's tired and had enough of running around and, what you don't get from this photo, she can't get her legs to work properly! It's very funny to watch and looks just like a cartoon.

The other thing you don't get from the photo is her teeth. They are growing like weeds! Luckily those little shark teeth she came with are dropping out and being replaced by a very nice, large set of gnashers.

And she's still a very, very pretty girl... but I'm biased, of course!


  1. I agree, very pretty indeed. I also love the casual hand weights behind her!