Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday lunch

Sunday lunch should always be a relaxing affair. Sadly today's lunch was the absolute opposite. We decided to go out and take Odi with us for our first ever meal out.

We went to Main Street Trading Company, our local independent book store, which also has a cafe. They were  kindness personified when I phoned to ask if it was ok for us to bring Odi and when we got there they'd given us the ideal table.

We ordered a spicy parsnip soup and a sandwich each and sat and waited with great patience. It arrived just as a family with 3 small and quite loud kids arrived and sat on the table next to us. The boy, who was about 2, immediately had tantrum.

Odi behaved perfectly and was complemented by the staff on how well she did. She ate her chew that I'd taken to occupy her and, although initially wanted to jump on the children, lay quite reasonably under my chair.

The only problem was I couldn't relax at all. Mountain Man and I left taking half our sandwich with us. Our sense was that we should leave while we were winning rather than wait for Odi to become distracted.

I prefer a more relaxed Sunday lunch, so I think we either need to practice or not bother. Still it was good to know that we can go out and, even if we don't stay hugely long, Odi can behave and behave well. Maybe if today was anything to go by she will make it to Guide Dog status after all.

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