Sunday, 26 January 2014

And they continued

My birthday celebrations that is.

Friday was a Guide Dog training morning at Dobbie's Garden Centre in Edinburgh. I had signed myself up for a day of bowls so Mountain Man went with Odi to meet up with the Puppy Supervisor and 8 other puppies. I gather it was exhausting for all!

While MM was being dragged around Dobbie's I was doing my best at trying to get my bowls to do what I wanted. I wasn't terribly successful, but I was in a team with a brilliant skip and it was all thanks to him that we won both our games, the last by 16 to 3, which meant we won. We each got a rather nice bottle of red wine and I also won a raffle prize.

I had just enough time to get home and get changed ready to go to Edinburgh for the last part of my birthday celebrations: dinner and theatre. But first we had to drop Odi off at her best friend and Guide Dog pal, Nancy's in Lauder. In spite of the fact they'd spent all morning together, the moment Odi got through the door they were delighted to see one another and Odi didn't take a backward glance when we left.

Our first stop was a dinner at Bonsai in Edinburgh for a delicious Japanese meal before heading off to the Festival Theatre to see Warhorse.

I have to say if you haven't been to see the play, then I urge you to if you can manage to get tickets. It was absolutely wonderful. The puppetry was so clever and the story, which I found over-the-top smaltzy in the Hollywood film, was beautifully portrayed and heartrendingly emotional at the end. A great piece of theatre.

When we got back to Odi after 11, she and Nancy were still playing! Apparently they hadn't stopped, except for a short dinner interlude, from when we'd left her at 4.30. The moment she got in the car she fell asleep and although just managed to go out for a pee before bed, that was her for the night. In fact that was her until MM woke her up yesterday just after 7 yesterday morning. She was exhausted!

I had some work to do yesterday in the form of facilitating a group and when I got home at 1.30 Odi was still exhausted. We went for a short walk to the other end of the village where I had to drop a book off, but that was it. We had a very quiet afternoon and evening without needing to do the usual rough and tumble.

And even today, although a bit perkier, there's still a residual tiredness there, which is quite a relief in some ways as there's a yellow weather warning out and I'm not sure we will venture out much today. Poor MM, however, has a Borders Search and Rescue training exercise to do. With gale force winds and heavy rain forecast I don't envy him one bit.

Well I think that's probably the end of my birthday celebrations for this year. It's certainly been a good one.

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