Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hello 2014

I hope you had as lovely a New Year as I did.

I made the decision not to do any web stuff at all from the day before New Year's Eve until well into the new year. I'm not sure that this is really long enough, but at least I've been away from Facebook - and frankly haven't missed it at all and consequently am thinking of having a Facebook free month. It seems to take up quite a bit of my time and I think I have better things to do.

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day was a special time with special friends and then on Thursday we had more friends round, so it's been a social (and sociable) start to 2014 with the need for yesterday as a bit of recovery time.

I had forgotten that Shirley (of Shirley and Andy) hadn't seen Odi since she was about 9 weeks old and so it was great to take a photo of the two of them again on New Year's Day, in a similar pose to 6 weeks ago, to see the difference. Here you go:

Shirley and Odi (aged 9 weeks)

Shirley and Odi (aged 16 weeks)
The only thing to mar our celebrations was that Odi suffered from yet another urinary tract infection. She's now on her 3rd lot of antibiotics and let's hope that works or investigations will have to take place. She now weighs in at 11.55 kg and seems to be putting on a kg per week and has moved from her puppy collars into her adult collar... a major milestone:

Odi grows far quicker than the coffee plants so I'm sure you'll get many more updates on her than you will on them before 2014 ends.

So that's that. The end of the beginning, so to speak. Christmas tree, lights, decorations and cards will come down tomorrow and the holidays will truly be over. Ah well... only 360 days left til the next one!

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