Friday, 17 January 2014

A week of firsts

First time Odi was allowed off the lead (as in previous post) and today was the first time she was off the lead totally on her own without another dog to play with. What an unbelievable change!

We went for a walk along the old railway line, closed down by Beeching in the 60's, which makes for a lovely doggy walk and, instead of the mad thing that bounds off and pays very little attention to me (unless called back of course), Odi would go a little way away then come rushing back to me. It almost felt like old times with Nell, who was great on walks.

Odi was absolutely perfect in every way, apart from being clarted in mud which meant my kitchen floor needed cleaning for the second time this morning and that's probably another first!

And to add to the firsts was the lovely birthday lunch my boys took me on yesterday. Usually we all go out together for an evening meal on my birthday, but because I'd chosen to be away that couldn't happen this year.

It was quite special to spend quality time with both boys. I also got my presents - The Forward Book of Poetry 2014 and Scrabble Trickster. Great to have something serious and something fun... though I'm thinking the latter may be more serious than I'd first thought!

I love Scrabble and Mountain Man has to be coerced into playing with me as I usually win, but those thoughtful boys bought the Trickster version in the hope that MM might have a better chance and therefore be more keen to play. That would definitely be another first and I'm hoping it might happen before the week is out. Sadly MM's been on Search and Rescue duty since yesterday afternoon so no chance yet, still there's a couple of days left, so let's hope that first comes to fruition.

I love firsts!

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