Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Unhappy bunny

There are times when you just know things 'out there' are not going your way. Today was such a time.

I have, for the last few days, been trying to send money abroad. Now this is MY money we're talking, not anyone else's and it's sitting in MY account ready to do wtf I decide I want to do with it.

I wanted the transaction to go through smoothly so decided to call the bank the other day, which happens to be RBS. Ok - I can hear you all saying 'what you still bank with RBS?' and it's true, I do, but I have my reasons.

Anyway, the guy on the end of the phone told me that the details I had so far (Bank Account number, name and Swift Code) were not enough. I needed an IBAN number. He made an appointment for me to see someone in my local branch today. So far so good.

Except today I discovered that the country I wanted to send the money to doesn't use IBAN numbers, and that I needn't have bothered to make an appointment to see someone in my local branch, I could just have turned up. That pissed me off.

But what pissed me off even further is, that for RBS to facilitate the sending of MY money from MY account, they actually can't help at all. What they really mean by 'facilitate' is pressing the button to finally send it when I, the person who's money it is in the first place, has had to do all the work. They can't possibly find out another bank's Swift Code, nor can they find the National Clearing Code nor the currency that it's best to send it in. No dear reader, that's my job.

And what's more I have to pay for the privilege.

Definitely not a happy bunny!

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