Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sofa saga

Before we went away, Mountain Man and I had come to a decision. It was time for a new sofa.

Approximately 12 years ago, when Sons 1 & 2 were young teens, they used to slob about on the very old sofa, and so we decided to buy the one we currently have so that slobbing would be to the minimum and they would be encouraged to sit up straight, thereby not ruining the cushions as they'd done with the old one.

Off we went and purchased the one we have now. A three-piece suit, comprising a sofa bed (always useful when teenagers are in the house) and 2 armchairs. And very useful and hard-wearing it's been. However, MM's and my getting older bodies have started to object to the 'sit up straight and no slobbing' suite we have and so I've been on the look out for a new one.

So a couple of months ago I started my search. I spotted one in the Heal's sale at 20% off, which just happens to be a modular corner sofa, which is flexible and can be moved around at will. The only problem was that I wasn't going to London until December (when MM and I have an Xmas party to attend and will be in London for only 24 hours), and so we'd decided to call into Heal's when we're down and make the decision then.

But on our return to this country I was in John Lewis and happened to spot another sofa (also modular, but not quite so flexible). MM was called and we gave it the 'squash test', which it passed. This one could be ordered, but wouldn't be with us until late January/early February at the earliest, because John Lewis said they can't get anything made and delivered before Xmas and then all the manufacturer's are on holiday for at least 3 weeks, hence the delivery date being so far away.

I went back on the Heal's website and looked again, and by this time the sofa had been reduced to 30% off. I loved the colours and the flexibility, but if at all possible I didn't want to go to London unless I had to. I phoned Heal's. Please could they perform a 'squash test'? They did and it was awarded a 10 out of 10 on the squash factor. But who's going to believe a sales person? I phoned friends in London. Please would they go and sit on the Heal's sofa. They did. They also awarded it 10 out of 10 and took pics and urged me to buy it.

I then asked one of them if they'd go to John Lewis in London and sit on the other one, which she very kindly did and I was informed that in no way did that one measure up to the one in Heal's for comfort, well-builtness and squashiness.

I phoned Heal's (and we're talking one day here since I'd phoned them before) and I spoke to a delightful sales woman, who informed me it was now 50% off! And so, sight unseen and totally untested by MM or me, I bought it! I realise the madness of this, but you know sometimes in life I've learned to go with my gut and then, of course, cross absolutely everything and hope I haven't made an almighty error!

Our new sofa is supposed to be coming in the next week or two. But then what was I going to do with the three-piece suite? I phoned a friend who has youngsters, but no... it wasn't for them. She suggested Gumtree.

I've always wondered if you advertise on these sites just how successful it might be and  decided now was the time to find out. So yesterday saw me creating an ad and putting it on the local Gumtree and the ad went live this morning. I didn't want paying for the suite (it's certainly well worn and a bit stained in places from the occasional lapse in concentration whilst holding wine or eating pizza) so didn't want to pay anything for the ad and just flung it out there... and this morning I had people clamouring for it!

By 10.45 am the three-piece suite had a new owner, and even though she turned up with a trailer to put it in, she went away empty trailered and will come and pick it up just before my new one arrives.

I've gone from the irritated bunny of yesterday to a smiley one today... so keep your fingers and toes crossed for me and the new sofa. I'll let you know how it works out.


  1. Wow that was quick! Keep smiling :-)We actually have sunshine here today so I'm smiling too.

  2. I love the idea of sending friends to do the 'squash test'!

    1. Does this mean you're offering, Karen? Just for future reference...

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  4. It is tough to get the right sofa. All is well that ends well