Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Of birthdays

Birthdays to the fore yesterday meant out for 2 meals in one day.

No. 1 Son's 28th birthday arrangements had been made. He wanted something low key, so because I had to work in the late afternoon, Mountain Man and he would go to see the new James Bond and then we were to meet up for a lovely meal in the evening after I was finished.

No. 1 Son came round first thing to get his present and do a general catch up as we haven't seen him since getting back to Scotland. We have, of course, chatted on the phone, but it's not the same. Then because Friday had been my friend Shirley's birthday and because she was busy travelling on that day, we decided to wait and go for lunch yesterday before I had to go to work. Prior to going to lunch MM was accompanying me to John Lewis to have a quick peek at a sofa that I am thinking might be for us.

All good so far.

As MM and I get off the bus and head for John Lewis I am aware I'm a bag short. Panic sets in. Did I leave Shirley's present on the bus, or did I leave it back at the house? Aware of the rising sense of, 'Oh shit what'll I do if I've left it on the bus,' we rushed round the furniture department, squished onto the sofa of choice, then I rushed off to get a bus back, fingers severely crossed, to see if the missing bag was at the house. It was! I was so relieved.

I have to add here, it's not like the present she was getting was so great, it's just that it had been sourced with care and attention and I wouldn't be able to get another in a hurry. But more importantly, Shirley and I have been using the same bag for the giving of birthday presents between us for more years than I care to say. It's our birthday ritual and I was so pleased I hadn't ruined the ritual by a random act of carelessness.

Then I had to run off to get another bus into town to make it for lunch, birthday bag severely clutched in my hand. Shirley and I had decided on Jamie's Italian (Jamie Oliver's restaurant) in Rose Street as we'd passed it a few times before, but we've never been in.

A couple of minutes before midday we met outside to find the place shut. As we were wondering what time they actually opened a small queue was forming behind us, luckily some saying they'd booked a table for 12 so they were sure it would open then. The manager seemed a touch taken aback at the amount of people waiting on a freezing, Edinburgh Monday, but was equally delighted that her establishment would be full.

I can highly recommend Jamie's Italian. It wasn't cheap, but not also not expensive. The food was delicious, the atmosphere great. I'd definitely go again. In fact I've blatantly said to MM that I would like to go there for my November Birthday. I don't do subtle terribly well!

Work was work and then off for dinner at Bonsai - one of our Edinburgh favourites. A lovely meal and company and No. 1 Son appeared pleased. I think this last was more to do with my not ordering a cake, nor did I sing 'Happy Birthday', so I think that counts as a pretty ace birthday meal in his eyes!


  1. Thank goodness you found THE BAG. I love the long established rituals we have with different friends and family and never tire of them. But shame on you for not singing Happy Birthday!

  2. I think he might have taken a whole year to get over the ignominy and I'm not sure my nerves would stand that... so all in all I'll take the shame!