Monday, 26 November 2012

Mirror, mirror

Recently I've been wondering about the mirrors in my house.

I've noticed that if in my bathroom mirror my image looks reasonable and then I go downstairs and on my way out have a quick look in the mirror in the utility room I look, well... like I could do a whole lot better (I'm being kind to myself here folks). I then go back upstairs to see if a bit of hair alteration or make-up will make me look ok, and once again the mirror in the bathroom shows me as looking presentable at the very least. What's going on here?

I do realise this sounds like I'm looking in the mirror a lot, but I'm not, really I'm not. It's just that I don't want to go out looking like a complete dork and, given that my hair is pretty dorkish to start with and my nose is a bit crooked and my eyes seem to be getting smaller by the year while my ears get bigger, I'm already starting out on a dork scale of pretty much high. I'd much rather have a quick look and an adjustment to bring me down to dork scale medium to low if at all possible.

I've decided the mirror in the utility room has it in for me and I'm not even going to have a lookette in it anymore. I can't afford this running up and down the stairs before going out, let alone the trauma of the dorkfactor 10 out of 10 I'm presented with. No. I shall resist all temptation and go with the one in the bathroom. At least that one seems to like me.


  1. Your post made me smile, although I'm sure there's nothing dorkish about you!

    I have one mirror that makes me look thinner. I try not to look in any others!

    1. I know shops that have very, very slightly convex mirrors so that you think you look really slim when trying something on, then you get whatever you've bought home and your home mirror tells a completely different story.