Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Just say no

Have you ever found saying 'no' difficult?

I find there are some situations where I struggle, but there are some where it's very easy - very, very easy indeed.

Last night my mother, who lives in London, phoned me and told me she'd solved the problem of where we're going to stay when we go to down for her 90th birthday party next March. Those of us whose presence is not just requested, but it would be on pain of death not to go, and need a bed are: Mountain Man, No's 1 and 2 Sons and me (of course). I'd told my mother not to worry about this ages ago and I'd sort it, but it seems worrying she's been doing, never mind that we still have well over four months to go.

My mother, who is quite amazing for her age, lives in a four bedroom house in Central London, but due to not being short of a bob or two and socialising most nights of the week (and days too), her clothing has exploded throughout the house and fills every available wardrobe and about 20 years ago completely took over one of the bedrooms so that now there's no bed in there, but rails and rails of clothing. This leaves one spare double bedroom and a single.

Her solution to the problem? Here we go, and I quote, 'You can sleep with me in my bed, one of the boys (aged 28 and 26) can sleep with John (Mountain Man) and the other one can have the spare room.'

I'm sure you can tell that this was one of those situations where struggling to say 'no' did not apply. I took a huge breath and very quietly, but very firmly told her what I thought of her idea.

Alternative arrangements will be made... and made soon, I can assure you of that!


  1. All MM can say to that is "thank any and all gods that may have some influence"

  2. Replies
    1. Well I'm pleased you're laughing MG... the very thought of it send shivers down my spine and that's not in a good way either!