Thursday, 29 November 2012

Back in the game

Last week I was asked if I wanted to play badminton on a Wednesday in Galashiels with others in the same age bracket as myself. I last picked up a badminton racket some 12 years ago and gave it up as my leg could no longer sustain the kind of pressure that was demanded of it and I was a bit sick and tired of taking pain killers before and after I went. Nevertheless, I was definitely interested.

Much as I enjoy going to indoor bowls I don't get the same buzz as rushing around a court. Also, I've had to give up zumba due to my ankle injury that hasn't healed as quickly or as well as I'd have liked and, because zumba has lots of movement that stressed my ankle, my physio told me it wasn't wise to do it anymore... of course this was after I bought the shoes specially for it, but that's another story.

So yesterday morning saw me ready with my leg brace, my sports bra, badminton racket (No. 1 son's spare I found in the roof as I couldn't find my own) and all the other paraphernalia I needed to go and play.

I'm so pleased I did and, a bit like riding a bike, it only took a couple of hits and misses before I was back in the game - though I did get slightly irritated at having an enforced coffee break half way through, which is not my thing.

What I realise is the tempo of play amongst the good ladies of Galashiels is somewhat different to the phrenetic pace I used to play at. And I'm pleased to report my leg was just fine. The only problem was the rest of my body as I awoke this morning to feeling I had used muscles that haven't been used in a very, very long time!


  1. Oh those poor Galashiels ladies won't know what's hit them! Hope the aches have eased off.

    1. Sadly not yet (that's the aches and pains not the Galashiels ladies not knowing what's hit them). I was so stiff today, but only noticeable on getting up from a chair. Should be fun tomorrow, being the day after the day after, which, for me is always the worst. The fact I'm facilitating a workshop all day is going to be fun. Looks like I won't be able to play much for a couple of weeks... don't know who'll be more relieved, me or the Gala ladies!

  2. Think my racket must be completely covered in dust by now. Glad to see the ankle didn't play up - or maybe the pain in your muscles has distracted you!