Monday, 5 November 2012

Back on Nepali time

Last night Mountain Man was invited to a Gurkha Welfare Association (Edinburgh Branch) get-together in Everest Restaurant, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh.

We arrived at just before 7 pm to be greeted by a whole room full of very welcoming Nepali's and one European (from Czech Republic). We were immediately introduced by 'mine host', Tika, to a Nepali guy who was only over in the UK for about a week and had just climbed to the top of Everest. We were very impressed. He seemed to be very impressed with us and insisted on having photos taken. I managed to get one of him and MM.  He was very sweet, but his grasp of English wasn't huge, and given that MM's Nepali is limited and mine is non-existent the conversation was a bit stilted.

Shiva Kumar Dangi, better known as the Man Who Conquered Everest, and Mountain Man

Next was singing and dancing. Very, very jolly and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves hugely. What's quite amazing about the Nepali culture is that all the guys get up and dance before the women. I was forced onto the dancefloor and was really pleased that all that idiot dancing I practiced in the 1960's came all to the good for me as I wiggled my hips and waved my hands around. I did have a slight moment of panic as I sincerely hoped I wasn't making any rude gestures, but was told I was a 'natural'.

What was even more surprising was that MM got up and danced too! For those that know him, know that dancing really isn't his thing. I think he even surprised himself.

Mountain Man joins the throng on the dance floor

One of the cultural delights of Nepal is the time difference. When we, in the West, are told, 'Food will be in half an hour,' our expectation is that food will appear in half an hour. In Nepal you can pretty much guarantee that half an hour can be anything from half an hour to... well... take your pick! So although we initially expected to be fed at 7.30, it was no surprise to us that nothing appeared until 8.30. Actually I take that back. My belly was very surprised!

Delicious food and a thoroughly enjoyable evening and we were pleased we'd made the effort to go. Next time... and there will be a next time... I will wear more appropriate clothing. I'm not sure shiny knee-high boots and leggings was the best clothing to wear under the circumstances. Next time it'll be jeans and T-shirt. Then I'll really feel comfortable giving it some!

By the way, a few month's back you'll maybe remember that I wrote about a train journey back home from London where I spent part of my journey with a Gurkha Welfare Officer. Well Tika knows him well. What a small world! It turns out that Gary, the Gurkha Welfare Officer may well make an appearance at one of these Edinburgh events. It'll be nice to renew our acquaintance.

I've added a very short video of a bit of the Nepali dancing for your delight.


  1. It really is a small world Vee. How lovely to have a genuine Nepalise (Nepalese? Nepali?) evening back at home.

  2. It was lovely, but I also have to admit it was a touch surreal too!