Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Six degrees?

Last Thursday night, Peter, a friend and work colleague from Inverness, came to stay. We had a long meeting on Friday morning to discuss plans for our future workings together and then he went off for a spiritually sustaining weekend at Samye Ling, the Tibetan monastery that is round the corner to us in Scottish Border terms.

Then on Sunday Mountain Man and I, along with 8 other people, went to a lovely Vietnamese afternoon at an Edinburgh work colleague's house. This was to introduce her friend, Colin, who takes people on holidays to Vietnam, have some food, drink, chat and look at some slides of the place itself. Oh yes, and it just happened to be her birthday too, though this has absolutely nothing to do with what I want to tell you today. Somewhere during the afternoon I overheard Colin mention Samye Ling, but he went on to say other things and so didn't pick up on it.

This morning I had a card from Peter to say thanks for our hospitality and when I looked at the back I realised it had been photographed and printed by the very same Colin MM and I had met on Sunday.

Talk about connectedness! I'd say not even six degrees in this instance.

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