Saturday, 3 April 2010


I really did win a cup at bowls and I post a photo taken with my iPhone to show the evidence not only of my winnings, but also that I can do more than switch my phone on and off.

Having been out to the Carpet Bowls Club dinner last night - and I'm sure you're all now thinking swanky upmarket Central Belt, but it was fish and chips down the pub in the company of 12 of the Borders finest - I was awarded the silverware which has already been inscribed with my name, and a £10 voucher to be spent in any High Street store. Not bad for someone who can't even remember playing.

It was quite an eventful evening. First of all the lock on the ladies loo didn't work very well and I was caught in all my glory, luckily by the slightly drunk partner of the Club chief which was a trifle embarrassing, but I have to say not nearly as embarrassing as asking for a glass of water. It was an absolute conversation stopper! There then followed frantic whispering "Water? I've no heard that before, that's a first" and quite a lot of frowning. I even ordered a second one, which seemed to cause even more consternation. I'm sure I'm now the talk of the village and a marked woman. The joys of Border living I suspect.

I also post a pic of the strongest and the weakest of the coffee plants. I'm encouraged by the fact that the leaves are so green and healthy looking and there is new growth sprouting from the tops and the bottoms. A powercut the other day due to the snow seems to have sent the automatic light switch haywire and now I fear another expenditure coming on. Something to spend my voucher on maybe?

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