Saturday, 24 April 2010


Not this Friday past but the one before my beloved lost his house keys. He managed this when he was out walking the dog and thought they must've dropped out when he was fishing in his pocket for the dog lead. He retraced his steps but couldn't find them. He was away then from Saturday until late Sunday and so I spent every dog walk looking in the undergrowth, but no luck. We asked in the village shop to see if someone had handed them in, but to no avail and so come Monday he had to go and purchase new locks for the back and front doors.

I was given my new set on Wednesday and all was fine.

Today he went into the shop to buy our Saturday paper and someone had very kindly handed the keys in yesterday.

What I want to know is how on earth that could be? Two of us spent every walk looking for them and then it takes some stranger to just happen upon them almost a whole week after they were lost?

I suppose it's rather like when you drop toast and it always manages to fall with the butter side down, if he hadn't changed the locks the keys would never have turned up, and because he did they miraculously appeared and thereby irritated the hell out of us.

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