Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fully apped

We had a remarkably social Saturday, which was entirely unexpected. Beloved spent much of the afternoon talking to Walking Woman who has taken on the challenge of The Great Wall of China. Having any excuse to spend a whole afternoon showing his photos and talking walking gear is like a dream come true for my man. But then our friends from Edinburgh, Andy and Shirley, turned up for a cup of tea and didn't leave until the back of 10.

We had a really lovely time in spite of the hastily cobbled together meal but the fact that we got free iPhone lessons thrown in was a real bonus. Andy is one of life's techno genius's (genii?) and knows pretty much everything there is to know about anything where it remotely looks like it has a computer part.

I'm now fully apped iPhone can speak French and Spanish, yes I did say speak, and I can check for new houses, check for trains and toss a bit of paper into a waste paper basket, and a whole lot more all at the touch of the screen.

However, my coup de grace came when I showed Andy how to do a shortcut to a full stop when texting. I came across this incredibly useful little manoevre when I overtapped on the space bar by mistake the other day. The thing is that I actually taught Andy something. And that's a first!


  1. Ooh, now that you're technologically up to date, you can instruct me in the wonders of the iPhone when I finally get mine! Have you gotten Scrabble to work on it yet? Matchgirlxx

  2. No sadly no Scrabble yet. I forgot to ask Andy when he was over so will definitely do so at the next available moment. When you come avisiting you can bring yours... I'm sure you'll have one by then (!)... and we can do an app swap!!