Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Just for Lizzie

My friend Lizzie left me a message... she wanted to see the Toast N Egg as she couldn't think what it looked like. I'm always happy to oblige and so here it is.

It's actually a wonderful machine and I've found that if I'm on my own and can't be bothered to cook (something that seems to happen increasingly these days) it's so easy to have a poached egg on toast. And all I need to do to clean it is wipe the bottom with a spot of white vinegar.

Go on Lizzie... you know you want one!


  1. and John thinks go on go on go on, you know you want one Lizzie

  2. ...and even if I didn't want one, you know the gadget man in my life definitely does! I can hear the internet getting fired up as I type.