Thursday, 15 April 2010

Intruders in the midst

My beloved was given a superb bonsai cherry tree by his daughter and grandson for his birthday a month ago. I noticed the other day that there seemed to be a swarm of small flies around it and when I looked closely I noticed that there were loads of eggs. Immediately a cry went out to go off to the nearest garden centre and purchase something that would get rid. The bonsai was duly sprayed. However, it didn't seem to work as there were still loads of eggs on the leaves.

It now awaits repotting in new compost once the roots have been sprayed, but I can't afford my almost 4 years worth of hard graft to coax the coffee plants into growing to be demolished by intruders, and so the bonsai has been banished to sit in the isolation ward that is the kitchen window ledge and suffer on its own. If it continues to be infected then I shall have to concoct some kind of plastic tent so that it can keep it's diseases to itself until it is back to full recovery.

Only once I am really sure that it no longer poses a threat will it be allowed back to the sanctity of the main house where it can communicate with it's neighbours to its hearts content.

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