Sunday, 18 April 2010


Because of the large volume of recent growth and the fact that the stems are still so spindly, the most verdant of the coffee plants had developed a decided lean. Sticks were purchased and now all the plants are fully supported.

The bigger ones are really beginning to look like they should and I feel it's all been worth the bother. There is something truly special about growing something from seed and watching it flourish, and considering how long it has taken for them to do so, it's feeling especially rewarding right now.

I'm also pleased to report that the bonsai cherry tree is doing well and might be allowed back into the fold in a week or so, once I'm sure there's no new infestation.

There's just one thing that is bothering me a bit... and that's the growlamp. When we have visitors, and we've had several over the past few days, they all say 'what's this then? growing marijuana?' and then I go into my spiel about the coffee plants. However, and a couple of people have pointed this out to me, the growlamp gives off a very certain kind of light. You can see it from the road and if you didn't know any better you would wonder what it was I was growing.

I'm hoping I don't get a dawn raid... how embarrassing would that be? Maybe more for the cops than me though, to be fair, as raiding someone for growing coffee could be beg more questions than answers.

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