Sunday, 11 April 2010

Ahoy Sailor!

Well as you can see from the photos, we went to the party dressed ready for action. My beloved was one of about only 6 pirates as many had come as sailors... but I was the only Chinese sailor I'm pleased to report. My favourite outfit by far was the lady who came as a mermaid. She was resplendent in a slinky blue/green concoction and had to wiggle her way round the room as the bottom was very tight. My admiration knew no bounds for her as she had to spend the whole night standing as sitting was impossible. We left before she had to lie down.

A fun night was had by all, and I was pleased I'd booked a massage this morning which certainly helped on the recovery front. The fact that the sun has shone all day and we even managed time out in the garden doing tidying while others zoomed past our front door on their way to the sea (according to my neighbour) has also helped. The opportunity to top up some much needed vitamin D saw us strip down to our shorts and tees (you'll be pleased there are no photos of that I can tell you!) and we spent a lovely Sunday in post party recovery with a bit of gentle pruning and planting.

My outfit is put away now, I'm hoping it won't be another 20 years before I get the opportunity to wear it again.

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