Thursday, 8 April 2010

China etc

My beloved got home safe and sound on Monday night armed with photos of virtually his every footstep on the Great Wall of China.

We spent a happy time talking about our respective week apart and catching up on the important things in life such watching the missed episodes of Masterchef and wondering who was going to win the title this year. Which for the uninitiated came to it's conclusion last night and I'm pleased to say I had predicted the winner from the beginning so felt pretty smug. This made up for the sad loss of an online game of scrabble with my friend 'She who shall not be named' and it looks like I might well lose our current game if I don't get some better letters, so can't afford to stay smug for long.

It's great to have my man home and slip back into our usual lifestyle, which will be slightly disrupted this weekend as we head to the great metropolis that is Edinburgh for extreme partying with our friend who is about to turn 60. It's a nautical theme and I'm busy getting my outfit together, which is my Chinese captain's outfit and is the genuine article from Mao's time. From John's pics this is not the China of now, but should give me something to talk about amongst the plethora of pirates that seem to be going and I do like to be a bit different. I did have a moment of panic as I couldn't find the cap, but luckily it turned up when I was in cleaning mode the other day... so tax avoidance does have it's payoffs!

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