Friday, 2 June 2017

A trying time

After Monday's accident I've been forced to stay at home for the most part. Yes, I've been able to drive as I have an automatic, which is great. However, getting a shoe on my foot has been another matter.

I've got a lovely pair of Skecher's, which are soft and easy to wear, but I've not even been able to get those on my foot properly until today. Hooray... I can put a shoe on! So today, for the first time since my accident I've been able to go outside and walk around, at least in a limited fashion.

My foot is still quite swollen, bruised and very sore. All I can say is thank goodness for The French Open, which has kept me well occupied whilst I've had my enforced rest. I'm also lucky that I have a freezer with food in and I did a bit of shopping the day before the accident, though my lovely neighbours have offered to get me anything I need.

Diesel has been having fun. He went to stay with Lynne, who was also boarding his great friend Folly and he apparently had a wonderful time. I'm not quite so sure that Folly would agree, but she went home on Wednesday. Lynne was going away today, so it was arranged that he'd go and stay with his other pal, Oscar, last night. Lynne very kindly took him over there and the messages I've had so far from Clare (Oscar's owner - he's a withdrawn GD pup) is that Diesel has been perfectly behaved. Such a relief. I'm going to pick him up on Sunday as Clare can only take him until then and he'll be with me for 24 hours before he gets farmed out again to Freda. That visit was arranged a couple of weeks ago when it became apparent that I needed to get to London to sort stuff out for my mother. We'll see if I can go for that, but anyway, Diesel will go to Freda until I can walk properly again. That's the pup sorted!

Now I just have to be patient - not do too much, but also not let my foot get stiff. Frankly, I'm finding the whole thing depressing and frustrating. According to someone who also had a severely torn ligament recently, it's going to take about 6 weeks to heal fully. 6 weeks? We'll see about that!

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