Monday, 29 May 2017

A dangerous activity

There I was, out with Freda and Ziggy, giving Diesel a lovely walk down by The Water Wheel in Selkirk, when a very enthusiastic Ziggy ran at full tilt behind me and smacked into my left leg, which ended up with me on the ground and a skinned elbow and an extremely sore foot.

Freda and I collected up the dogs and walked (ok... well I hobbled) back to our cars, where I took some Arnica and then went into the cafe for a cuppa and an ice pack. However, the swelling just got larger and so I made the decision to go to The Borders General to check all was ok.

A quick phone call to friend, Lynne and then off to hers to dump Diesel and she then drove me to A&E. It only took just over an hour (which I thought was pretty good) and I was diagnosed with a severely torn ligament - luckily no break and Lynne came to pick me up.

I'm so grateful for wonderful friends, who've sorted Diesel for at least today, that I drive an automatic and that it was my left foot and not my right - otherwise I'd never have been able to drive myself to Lynne's in the first place.

The person I really felt for was Freda, who was a bit freaked by the whole thing, but is now feeling a bit better as she knows it's nothing too serious and is just pain and swelling, which will go away in due course.

Who knew that dog walking was such a dangerous activity!

Not a pretty sight!

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