Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Something to work on

The good news is that the healing is going to plan. The bad news is that the plan is incredibly slow.

The swelling on my foot has gone down hugely, but it's still swollen. According to my doctor that's what's to be expected after 10 days and I've now got the proverbial doctor's note to stay sitting with my leg up for most of the day and just get used to it until it's better. However, she also did suggest I went for private physio as waiting for the NHS version could take probably into next year. I've now got an appointment tomorrow. Let's hope that helps.

Meanwhile I've been watching lots of tennis and using up an incredible amount of energy whilst doing so. I sometimes wonder whether watching high level sport is good for me, as my tendency is to get very over-involved and very over-excited.

Diesel came home from Sunday afternoon until yesterday morning and was as perfect as he could have been. No. 1 Son also came for a visit on Sunday, so that was really nice for both Diesel and me.

Yesterday was puppy class and Diesel was handled by Freda, who he was going off with for the next while and so it gave them a chance to get used to each other. It was really interesting for me to see him strutting his stuff and, on the whole, he did well. Even better though was that, at last, I was given my photo of Vespa from when he graduated from Guide Dog school last August. It was truly lovely to have it and it's already on the wall.

My gorgeous boy

I very obviously haven't gone to London, as there was no way I could manage without causing further damage to my foot, which leaves my poor brother having to tell my mother that we're taking her car away. My thoughts will be with him tomorrow.

So that's me. Still feeling a bit sorry for myself, but not quite as sorry as I was the other day. Patience was never my strong point, so it's good to have something to work on!

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