Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Photo call

Today Diesel and I had a day in Edinburgh.

We started out at the back of 8 am driving into the city, where I parked my car at No. 2 Son's house. We then took a bus down to my philosophy class. When that finished at 12.30 it was a quick nip back to the house to feed Diesel and then off we went for a photo shoot.

Diesel is a sponsored pup. He was named by Lothian Buses so we had to do our bit and go to the bus depot and have our pics taken with all the bus folk. Considering there was another Guide Dog there (a proper one), who'd done some fundraising, and her owner and loads of people all wanting to stroke him, Diesel did incredibly well.

He had a lovely time and left most of them with a bit of slobber on their uniforms to remember him by.

I don't actually know what they're going to do with the photos they took, but I'm just hoping we don't end up on the back of a bus!

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