Thursday, 22 June 2017

The countdown begins...

Yesterday my clock was supposed to be put back. The cherry-picker arrived, the clock man arrived, the clock faces arrived and the wrong spindles to put the mechanism in and join the hands up also arrived. So now I have clock faces up in all four places in the clock tower, but none of them can tell the time!

The clock man wasn't amused, but personally I thought it was quite funny!

The clock tower with no clock faces

One of the new faces

The South facing face is in... minus hands!

Meanwhile, Diesel and I left the clock people to it and went off to Galashiels to say hi to the badminton folk before they finish for the season. They were amazed at how big he is now. Then a bit of shopping and back home for lunch.

After that we had a really lovely walk in the woods. The sausages are working fantastically and Diesel now runs to me as soon as he's called. He even left playing with another dog to come and get his sausage treat, which means he's a real joy to go walking with now.

Ok... well I've come to a decision. This is actually the 990th post of this blog and I've decided that I'm going to go to 1000 and then stop. I thought I'd give you a 10 post warning so you can start getting used to the idea of not knowing what I'm doing!

You have 9 more to enjoy...

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