Saturday, 17 June 2017

I love summer

On one of the most gorgeously hot days of the year so far, Diesel had a busy day.

But first... yesterday, he had lessons from Ziggy as to how to jump into the back of my car, so I didn't have to keep lifting him in. He managed perfectly. But today, because... it was too hot? He's too lazy?  He likes being lifted? Who knows?... he just looked at me when I asked him to jump in. Oh well.

So, having lifted him into the car, we started off going to Boots in Galashiels and meeting up with some of our favourite sales people. They absolutely adore him in there and I think the feeling is mutual.

Then it was off to the The Borders Book Festival for a wander around. I don't think it was Diesel's most enjoyable experience. It was very hot and he's quite a lazy pup, so it was all a bit too much and so we left after about 20 minutes. I'm really pleased I didn't take him on Thursday night, that's for sure.

We had a final drop off at the Championship Dog Show taking place in Kelso. Diesel's face was a picture when he saw a dachsund for the first time ever. It was hysterical! Just sorry I couldn't take a pic, but I'm sure you can imagine. We had a lovely wander around and talked to quite a lot of people while watching some lovely looking doggies doing their thing.

And then it was back home to wait for the clock man to come and (re)measure something for next week's epic of getting my house back in order. Yes...  the clock faces will be back in the clock tower next week and working too. I hope!

We've had a nice end to the day, relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying being in the garden.

I love summer.

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