Sunday, 1 May 2016

What not to do

It's May Bank Holiday here in the UK and I made the decision yesterday to go to Edinburgh and do some things that needed done.

One of those was changing my glasses case. As you know (if you read my blog from 21st April) I have new glasses. They are incredibly pink. Well I also bought a down vest, which is also pink. And it just so happens that I was in Asda and bought a new water bottle and as the choice was pink or blue... yes, you guessed it, I went for the pink. And then I realised my whole world had turned into a complete pink experience! Even the glasses case that Nigel the Optician had given me was pink!

Well I couldn't change the vest, nor the water bottle nor my glasses. But the one thing I could change was the glasses case. So while I was in Edinburgh I went along to the opticians to plead my cause. They thought it was absolutely hysterical!

However, when they went to look in the glasses case drawer there were only brown and black left, but as luck would have it they had just given another customer, who was just purchasing her new glasses, the last purple case. She immediately turned to me and said, 'Ooh I love the pink, would you possibly swap?' Would I?! I grabbed her case and shoved the pink one in her hand and got out of there pdq before she changed her mind! I left them all laughing in the shop... well at least I made them all laugh!

From there I headed out to Costco. And this was the biggest mistake of all. I hadn't realised how many folk in Edinburgh had the same idea as me, but let me tell you, it was as though pretty much the whole of the city had descended on Costco. It took me 45 minutes to buy 5 items, but the good thing is that I had my lunch on the way round with all the freebies on offer.

So there you have it. Don't allow too much pink in your lives and don't go to Costco on a Bank Holiday!

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