Monday, 30 May 2016

Last full day

Today is my last full day in Hua Hin before I jet off to Australia tomorrow.

I've not had the best few days as I got bitten or stung by something nasty on my finger two days ago, which swelled up and the swelling was travelling down my hand to my wrist. Freaked out? Sure was! Thank goodness for the great worldwide interweb and the fact that I never travel these days without a whole load of meds of various sorts. The nurse here at the resort gave me some ointment to put on, but it was still hurting so I looked up online and I discovered that Ibubrofen gel is great for painful, swelling bites or stings. Thank goodness I'd packed mine, just in case I had a back twinge. It worked a treat. My finger is still a bit swollen and painful, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

Also, we've had thunderstorms and as I'm a person of very delicate constitution my body seems to react to changes in air pressure by giving me headaches. Great!

My aircon was fixed pretty smartly the other day and, apart from trying to tell two Thai engineers a joke about how many engineers it takes to fix an aircon unit... ok, well never mind... I got the same reaction from the Thai guys who just looked at me completely nonplussed, I was super pleased that they didn't take too long to fix it.

I've still had very little work, so have employed my time by getting on with planning my next book. I'm quite excited about this one, which is about the menopause, but it's for men to understand what their women are going through. I don't think it's going to be as easy to write as Learn To Stress Less, especially as my holidays are now looming. I now have a desk completely covered in post-it notes and am thinking of sticking them to the inside of my suitcase so I don't lose the order. I'll see what writing I can get done whilst in Australia, but I have 2.5 weeks when I get back here in mid June to crack on with it as the guest occupancy here is pretty low (30%) as there are renovations taking place and half the place is shut down, so I don't think I'm going to be needed very much.

I've also been getting on with the poetry course I signed up to, which is 10 weeks long and we have a week to write a poem and then a week to critique everyone's and then back to writing a poem again. Now on week 3 and I'm up to speed so am feeling pretty good about that, even if my poems aren't of the best at least I've got something down on paper.

So that's me. Tan - ticked, 2.5 weeks of good food - ticked, 2.5 weeks of no alcohol - ticked, excited about Australia - ticked.

Sydney here I come!

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