Thursday, 28 April 2016

To Holy Isle and back

I had a wonderful time at my retreat. It went incredibly well and the feedback was brilliant. And although we were expecting arctic weather, it just didn't happen on Holy Isle. It was bright blue sky and sunshine all the way.

As you will know from previous years, the island is full with Soay sheep, Eriskay ponies and wild goats. All just roam wherever they want - apart from the centre's gardens - and it's quite wonderful, especially at this time of year, when the newborns start to appear.

Eriskay ponies - last year's foal and this year's teeny tiny one

Soay sheep and lamb

On the first day I got up to see a Navy warship anchored in Lamlash Bay. I thought the framing of the garden gate was quite suitable!

The navy through the gate

Strangely then on the last day a completely different kind of vessel was moored in the bay. A little more appropriate for a retreat I think!

A schooner moored in Lamlash Bay

Because the weather was so lovely, I spent quite a bit of time walking around the island. It's hard to describe just how beautiful it is.

However, on the drive home on Tuesday I realised that we had been very lucky. It was snow, sleet and rain pretty much all the way home!

Yesterday I had to take my car in for a service, an MOT and new tires. I tried hard not to gulp too hard when I got the bill. The garage lent me a car so I could get to badminton and, in spite of the fact that it was a geared Volkswagen Golf, I managed extremely well with none of the problems I had a month or so ago when I got in my first geared car for over 2 years. I think the garage heaved a sigh of relief at that one!

Then today I had to scoot off to East Kilbride to have a session with my Qiqong teacher, which went very well indeed. I was so pleased that I'd invested in new tires, as the roads were full of snow and it was freezing out there and my car just zipped along with no problems at all. However, I realised I'd left my purse at home. Not great when I was running out of diesel and was in urgent need of a refill.

But it just so happened that I'd arranged to stop in at my dear friends, Shirley and Andy's place on my way home. They gave me a lovely lunch, £20 to put some juice in my car and lessons in how to get money from my bank app should I ever be stupid enough to leave my purse at home again.

Then it was back home to sort out the remainders of the retreat stuff and also try and get the printed version of my book in order. I'm hopeful that will be ready by next week.

So that's me. Home again. But not for long... just 2 weeks before I head to London before jetting out of the country to get to work in Thailand. Can't wait to hit the sunshine!

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