Saturday, 14 May 2016

There's early and then there's EARLY

Those of you who know me well know that I hate being late and would rather get places early and wait around than be rushing. Well, today I exceeded myself!

Last week when I looked at my flight info I checked my ticket and thought 'Great, my flight is at 15.15 and so I'll get up nice and early and have a leisurely travel out to Heathrow with no problems.'

And so, this morning, I got up at my usual 6 am and did all my bits and pieces in a very relaxed fashion, packed my suitcase and got the bus to Paddington to get the Heathrow Express. I felt particularly good at not having to hurry and arrived at Heathrow at just before 11, but when I looked on the departure board there was no sign of my flight.

I got my ticket out and just couldn't stop laughing! The time I'd been looking at was the time of my arrival in Bangkok and not my departure time! That was actually 21.30. Oh dear, what to do? I did think I could zip back into London, but then I'd just be hanging about there and my mother's house isn't the most comfortable for me. So on talking to the check-in guy I made the decision to check-in and, as I'm travelling Business Class to go to the lounge and relax for the day.

The check-in guy was such a sweetie. He took me to a special desk and insisted his pal check me in. Even my seat number is 1! My big suitcase (better known as The Beast) got checked in and then I was directed to the other side of the airport where the Business Class lounge is and here I sit, enjoying the food and drink and doing some work.

I've got a poetry course I'm working on so no excuses for me not getting my poem in on time and there's always other bits of work that need to be done.

And by the way... my book is now out in paperback! I'm really pleased with it and if you want to purchase a copy do go to either of these links below:

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