Thursday, 26 May 2016

Next stop....?

One of the lovely things about working here is the amount of very interesting people who come and stay. Of course there's also the other side... the demanding and sometimes, downright rude folk. But the majority are great fun, fascinating to talk to and seem to be genuinely interested in what I have to say - ok, apart from the super rich guy who took a fancy to me and left me his hat to deliver to him over lunch in Sydney, but that's a whole other story!

The other day I was talking to a couple who'd come to my early morning Qiqong class and who loved it. They then told me they owned a spa place in Mauritius and would I be interested in coming over there and teaching Qiqong. Would I? Hmmm... let me think about it. Spa place, lovely climate, a country I've never been... yup, that'll do me. So I said yes.

Today I was doing a fitness class in the pool and at the end got talking to a guest who told me he hails from New Zealand. We chatted a bit and he has relatives in Scotland and I told him I'd never been to NZ, but always wanted to go. He then asked me what I did and when I told him he said, 'Well would you like to come over to Hawk's Bay and teach my staff stress management?' Would I etc etc? Sure as hell I would! I've always wanted to go to NZ (and in fact I actually have a practising certificate for there, though I'm sure by now it's out of date) but due to circumstances never managed to get to go.

I'm not sure if the Mauritius one will come off as I'll have to wait and see if I hear from that couple, but the NZ guy shook my hand and said, 'deal', so I presume a gentleman's agreement is a pretty sure thing.

How exciting. Next year is already in the planning!

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